General Machinist Brampton 2125482

Brampton, ON

Location: Brampton

We are presently seeking a General Machinist.

About us:

We serve the metal stamping and fabricating industries worldwide for all types of punches and dies, both standard and specials. Our machinery and entire facility are of the latest technology. C.N.C. equipment is used extensively in all areas of manufacturing. The grinding department uses the latest in precision grinding and finishing technology, employing highly skilled personnel.
We have a great working environment and as an Employer, we offer an exciting opportunity for you to be part of our growing "Best in Class" Team in the industry today.

Key Responsibilities:

Machine Specifics
  • Operate and maintain a variety of conventional machine tools, e.g. milling machines and/or engine lathes, sawing machines, finish grinder, boring mill, manual lathes,
  • Utilize different verification tools including calipers, micrometers, bore and height gauges, sizing blocks and/or gauges
  • Ensure machining operations are efficient as well as proper work holding selection, cutting parameters (speed and feed rates), and any other factors affecting the efficiency of the material removal process
Job Specifics
  • Read and interpret engineering drawings and work instructions to setup, and operate milling machines and/or lathes to produce tight tolerance parts to specifications
  • Operate and set up machines to perform repetitive machining operations, including drilling, milling, grinding, turning, boring.

Come work with us! 

We offer our employees top wages ($24 per hour), comprehensive benefits, opportunities for advancement and the gratification of making a real difference.
We pride ourselves on our excellent company culture, our very clean and safe working environment, and our commitment to be an equal opportunity company.

We welcome applications from all qualified candidates.
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