Welder Innisfil 2128845

Innisfil, ON

Job Description

  • Complete whole sub-assemblies or workstation functions independently and according to the work instructions. Employing MIG welding of moderate thickness materials.
  • Prepares and fabricates pieces according to work instructions. Cuts and bevels or corner breaks, fit pieces and tack weld. Welding of various joints in various orientations with consistent weld quality.  Conducts drilling, grinding, sawing, tack welding and basic fabrication problem solving.
  • Possesses and manages his/her own tools.
  • Monitors the vehicle production schedule and prioritizes tasks to maintain his/her schedule.


  • More than 1 year of welding experience.
  • Experience in MIG welding.
  • Ability to develop an understanding of assigned work station(s), and meet productivity expectations with
  • minimal supervision.
  • Capacity to use judgment to deal with small abnormalities, and knowledge of when to seek supervisory clearance.
  • Absenteeism < 5%.
  • Capable of occasional heavy lifting.
  • Must be able to stand or walk/move for long periods of time. 
Offer: $18 - $24/hr plus Benefits

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Terradyne Armored Vehicles Inc.

Terradyne Armored Vehicles Inc.

Terradyne is a well established company in the international military and law enforcement vehicle industry. Our product performs a vital role within law enforcement, security, and military defense.

Steel purchased as plate, tubing and flatbar, is fabricated and welded into a ballistically protected vehicle Body which is integrated to an off the shelf Vehicle Chassis.  Fabricators work to drawings, with a mind to ensuring customer safety.

Terradyne outsources the vehicle painting to suppliers. Upon return from the paint shop the vehicle and fabricated components are assembled, checked and tested, before delivery to the customer, in the Assembly department.

We are a small community of goal oriented individuals, who take pride in their work and their collective final product.

A place where, your ideas matter;  Your team responsibilities are, when met, something to be proud of;  And you have a clear line of sight to the finished product.

A place with a lunchroom, changeroom, parking, uniforms, benefits package, 44 hour regular work week, and an early quitting time on Fridays.

Come join our team!


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